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A small Adults Only hideout

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18 Ιουλίου 2021 2022-07-12 10:16

Batelo Boutique Hotel
in Benitses Corfu
Adults Only


Private and secluded


sea view


Close proximity
to town

BATELO is a small boutique hotel located only 10 meters from the open sea.

In the Corfiot dialect the word refers to the small wooden boat or else called “kaiki” in Greek. Batelo dates back to the 15th century and is a combination of the Greek language and the Latin dialect. Corfiots have been using this word to refer to the small boats for traveling around the island, fishing, trading and any other activities that were taking place on the sea. From the 13th century, Corfu stayed under Venetian domination for a long period of four centuries during which a big amount of buildings, monuments, and other constructions were built becoming the symbols of Venetian architecture in Greece.

Venetians knew that Corfu was a key strategic location to guard their naval interests in the region, and also a very fertile island for agriculture, therefore they bought the island from the kingdom of Naples, paying an amount of 30,000 gold ducats. Later, in 1571 the Venetians lost Peloponnese, Crete, and Cyprus, all three islands were conquered by the Turks. This created the inevitable large wave of refugees from these areas looking for a new home in the Ionian. All these populations introduced elements of their tradition and culture to Corfu. The result of these language combinations between Latin and Greek was the formation of the Corfiot dialect including a number of characteristic and idiosyncratic words found and spoken only in Corfu.

The combination of the small size of our property and its location, few meters away from the sea, together with the infinite seaview of the Ionian led us to this name for the property. Living in it feels like being on a small boat floating on the blue sea. The rooms are designed so that the elements of water and the sea are reflected everywhere. The infinite seaview from the balconies, the seaview rooftop as well as our penthouse all enjoy endless seaview.

Welcome on board! Welcome to Batelo!

Since 1995

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